CodePlus is an innovative education project, based in Trinity College Dublin that provides coding workshops, teacher support and research to address the challenge of female under-representation in Computer Science and IT-related courses at 3rd level and consequently in follow-on careers.

Since 2014, thanks to support from ICS Skills, Salesforce and the Science Foundation Ireland we have run extensive coding workshops with over 1000 students in a network of girls secondary schools to help address the complex issue of gender imbalance and to help female students make informed choices for their third level study and career paths.

CodePlus is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Discover Programme, that funds pioneering STEM education initiatives in Ireland.

What the students say….

“I think it’s a very rewarding field when you get into it. I enjoy problem solving and coding a variety of different things useful in everyday life. Computer science is a career I can really imagine myself being a part of.”
-Weronika, CodePlus Student


It was really fun and I enjoyed being in a team. I find computer science quite interesting and there is so many opportunities to it.”
-Aiqa, CodePlus Student


“I had a really great time and I really learnt a lot. It has really made me consider putting “Computer Science” on my CAO”
-Jessica, CodePlus Student